Issue 16’s taking your submissions!

After a far too long wait (when I actually get the issue out on time, it really makes the month drag), Bop Dead City’s 16th issue is open for business. The contest this time around is our 4th annual flash fiction and flash poetry contest. Best story 500 words or less gets $20, publication, and a copy of their very own. Same goes for the best poem 50 words or less. The guidelines for the contest are otherwise the same as the usual guidelines.

Hey, speaking of our guidelines, look here to learn important things like to paste your submission into the body of the email.

Good luck to everyone. Now I get to try and get to the bottom of the slush pile (day 1 and I’m already down eight emails).




Issue 15’s Catfish McDaris Has a Book, You Should Buy It

Catfish, who is a bigger deal than I previously was aware, just release a book of new and gently used poetry (266 pages of it!) called Sleeping With the Fish.

You can purchase yourself a copy of it on Amazon for a mere $13, making it about the best deal in fine literary workmanship since, well, Issue 15 of Bop Dead City, where where blessed to publish “The Fortune Cookie.”

A little preview of his work can be found on the publisher’s website, Pski’s Porch, where you can read the poem “Phombies.”

Buy Issue 15!

Here’s the first look at Issue 15: BopDeadCityIssue15CoverImage

Our contributing poets are Kailey Tedesco, Carla M. Cherry, Catfish McDaris, Robert Lee Kendrick, Reese Conner, Candace Howze, and Tristan Silverman. The prosaists are Alison Liu, Sandy Beaches, and Lauren Spinabelli. Thanks to everyone who submit, but these people just came a bit more correct.

As for the Dreams contest, we did not have a poetry winner. Sad.

However, we did have a winning story: “Freighthopping” by Alison Liu! She gets all the money! Congratulations to Ms. Liu.

The photo is from the immensely talented artist Kathy Rudin, who also provided us with a cover image for Issue 8. A few words from the artist:

“Trophies,” was taken at a local Northeastern pharmacy, opened in 1972, called Souththrifty Drug. It is part of my constant search for authentic vintage Americana in a country that doesn’t always value or preserve its history. Especially the 1950’s through the 70’s, a more recent past that seems to be disposable and more prosaic items that are so easily forgotten.

SO, click the big ass picture on the cover to purchase you a copy for $3 + $1 for shipping. Or, if you really want to make my day and your year, subscribe by clicking here. It’s just $12 for 4 issues of the finest poetry and stories I can lay my eyes on. Free shipping! Support your literary community!


Issue 15’s closed, y’all!

April Fool’s is over, and we’re ready to close down this submission period. Thank you to everyone who submit their work. We should have Issue 15 ready to send out sometime next week. I’m laying it out and looking at what we accepted and, my lord, it’s killer. Gonna be a biggun as well (still $3 though!).

Issue 14 is gone!

Apparently these authors were extra-awesome, since this is the first time we’ve ever sold out of an issue before the next one even comes out. Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy.

However, the submission period for Issue 15 has about (checking calendar) five days left, and I’m anticipating having the issue ready for purchase the first week of April.

SO, if you’ve got a hankering for an copy of Bop Dead City, you can go ahead and click here to preorder Issue 15. O Maybe this way I’ll figure out how the hell to properly order enough copies (still about fifty copies of Issue 1 available for purchase!). Of course, if you were a really cool member of the literati, you’d click here for a 1 year subscription to save you some money and make sure to not miss out like the poor guy who just asked me if I had any Issue 12s left.

All right, I’m going to get back on the slush pile. Good luck, y’all!

Nancy Hightower’s gonna win an award!

The Science Fiction Poetry Association has nominated Nancy Hightower’s The Acolyte for an Elgin Award for best full-length book! A poem from The Acolyte, “The Forgetting (Bathsheba’s Lament),”  appeared in Issue 7 of Bop Dead City, and of course her story “However You Spin the Grin” appears in Issue 14.

To purchase your copy of the future award-winning book, click here. And to see her book and all the others, head over to the SFPA website.

Issue 15’s open for business

A day late and usually a dollar short, that’s me. So, while this is the official announcement of the new submission periods, lots of you have already sent your work in (which is awesome!) and if you haven’t, do.

The contest theme this go-around is dreams. As always I’m excited to see what you kids do with the theme. Go nuts, please. Also as always, best poem gets $20, best story gets $20 unless there’s no best poem or story, and then the sole winner gets $40.

Good luck to all!


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