I’m going to be on The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals radio show June 11 at 8 PM EST

For the first time in my life, someone will be interviewing me. On June 11 at , I’ll be a guest on The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals, talking with Stumpy and Mister Bear. We’ll be talking about Bop Dead City,and I’m told there may be MadLibs, so check it out Tuesday, June 11 at 8 PM at http://www.bostonfreeradio.com/the-secret-lives-of-stuffed-animals.

As a side note, I’m so nervous about this. For one, I’m afraid of making a complete ass of myself (more than usual, I mean).

But on the other hand, it fulfills a goal of mine in a sense. When I was a kid in New Hampshire, I had big dreams of being a rock star in Boston, and so I consumed everything I could about the Boston music scene: CDs, message boards, etc. Copies of The Noise and The Phoenix  procured from the Newbury Comics in Manchester and from the frequent trips to Boston were poured over, the names in them growing to mythical proportions in my head: Jess Klein (who broke my fragile,stupid teenage heart when I found out she was a lesbian), Freezepop, Melissa Ferrick, Noelle, Waltham, Scissorfight, and so on. I watched/listened to many of these bands, in lieu of actually going into these clubs at fourteen or fifteen, by tuning into the late RadioBoston.com, which not only had a radio feed but also live footage of shows at clubs like The Middle East and Club Passim, and I liked to imagine myself on those stages, my band in those concert listings, and our CD in the reviews section. I guess BostonFreeRadio.com is a spiritual successor to that site. So…kind of fulfilling a childhood dream by appearing on The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals? Pressure. 

Point being, either listen to me live out my dream or listen to me crash and burn in a blaze of awkwardness. You can’t lose, people.


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Bop Dead City is an independent, quarterly literary magazine. We are seeking new writers who have a great story to tell. Sound craftsmanship couldn't hurt either. All of our issues are available for purchase here on the site through Paypal. If you’d like to know more about what type of work we publish, reading a back issue would be the best way to do it. View all posts by bopdeadcity

3 responses to “I’m going to be on The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals radio show June 11 at 8 PM EST

  • The Envoy

    Why is your blog’s URL spammed all over the zombie role playing game Urban Dead, at least the suburb of Shearbank, specifically the blocks around Stickling Mall? I don’t think we’re your audience….

    • bopdeadcity

      Free advertising? Besides, I think you underestimate Urban Dead players. For one, I play, and I’m my audience. Two, considering the game requires quite a bit of imagination and is solely text-based, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that many of the game’s players are active readers and writers.

  • The Envoy

    Hubris. Understood. 🙂 Welcome to Malton.

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