Interview! Christine Stoddard! Issue 18!

Here’s Christine, who did the same trip I did from north to south, but backwards. She’s got a hell of a lot of interesting stuff going on. Being a go-getter, what’s that like? Check out her sites and find out!
Describe your writing in 25 words or less.
My writing is a factory that manufactures glitter collage dreams and pony sweat. That factory is set deep in an enchanted forest that’s on fire.

Talk about your poem “Couchsurfing in Bushwick.”

The poem is part of my chapbook manuscript, Lavinia Moves to New York. The book, which I’m currently shopping around to publishers, is loosely based on an ex-friend’s story. Or should I say, my speculation merged with insights from my own personal experience. This friend and I had a falling out years ago, but I still check up on her from time to time. In my online stalking, I learned that she moved to New York City, lived there for about a year, and then moved back home. And that’s really all I know for sure.
Still, her background as a biracial woman from the South always fascinated me. There are not many of us, at least those who are open about it. There’s too much stigma attached. It’s no surprise that people who are white-passing as I am usually prefer to benefit from their white privilege. My friend did not have that luxury. She looked more like her black father than I resemble my Latina mother.
I wanted to imagine what it might be like for her to move to Bushwick, a place I got to know before I even met her. It’s also a place that I briefly lived after she already moved back home. In this poem and others in the collection, I simply blended some of the real with the unreal.

Who or what inspires you to write?

Everything from bullets to butterflies. Life is ugly; life is beautiful.

Do you have a website or blog so we can follow your writing?

Yes, you can follow my blog,, and my online magazine, Quail Bell, at You can find my writing portfolio at

What are you working on right now?

That’s something I prefer to keep a secret. I normally have a few projects going on at once. They’re all at different stages, which allows me to almost always have something new or forthcoming.

Where can we read your work next?

I have forthcoming in several literary magazines, including Sukoon and Those That This, among others. I also have work forthcoming in a couple of anthologies, such as Nasty Women & Bad Hombres Anthology (Lascaux Editions.) Later this year, Dancing Girl Press will be publishing my chapbook, Ova, which is a collection of fiction and poetry.
Any advice for your fellow writers?
I truly believe in creating everyday. At the very least, carry around a notepad to jot down lists. Storytelling is a process. Cultivate your ideas.

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