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Issue 21

Sarah Joyce Bersonsage, Devin Koch, Arja Kumar, M. Stone, Michelle Tinklepaugh, John Thomas Wetmore, Becca Borawski Jenkins, Mike Lee, and Pearse Anderson.

Issue 20 – Freedom

Grace Day, Rachael Hershon, Laura Hoffman, Elspeth Jensen, K.D. Rose, Daryl Sznyter, Jane-Rebecca Cannarella, and Ryan Shoemaker.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 19 – 5th Annual Flash Contest

Ellen Denton, Kelli Simpson,  Alex Ledford, Jack Freeman, James Jackson, Mary Kasimor, Janet Reed, Krista N. Davis, Daniel Paglia. and Rebecca Wadsworth.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 18 – Fathers



Jennifer Martelli, Theresa Senato Edwards, Emily Light, Allison Emily Lee, Christine Stoddard, C.J. Miles, Patricia J. Miranda, Kathleen Radigan, Catherine Edmunds, Robert Lee Kendrick, Eve Kenneally, Kathryn McBride, and Matt Bates.

$3 + $1 for shipping.




Issue 17 – Apologies


Kaz Sussman, Preeti Talwai, Nancy Iannucci, Joel Coltharp, Jennifer Woodworth, Ava C. Cipri, Daniel Tobin, Gregory Sherl, Allyson Whipple, Terri Kirby Erikson, Liz Grear, and Jennifer Woodworth.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 16 – 4th Annual Flash Fiction and Poetry Contest – SOLD OUT

Reed Redmond, Sarah Frances Moran, Allison Thorpe, Natalie Homer, Eric Cline, Ariane Sandford, E. Amato, Jane Hertenstein, Gregory Wolos, and Rachel Cohen

$3 +$1 for shipping.

Issue 15 – Dreams


Kailey Tedesco, Carla M. Cherry, Catfish McDaris, Robert Lee Kendrick, Reese Conner, Candace Howze,  Tristan Silverman, Alison Liu, Sandy Beaches, and Lauren Spinabelli.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 14 – Belief – SOLD OUT


Barbara Ruth, Sara Trattner, Olivia Olsen, Les Bernstein, Richard Manly Heiman, Chris Stewart, Rachel Nix, Nancy Hightower, Sara Dobie Bauer, and Anna Martin.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 13 – Food


Anna Weaver, Jackson Burgess, Riley Vuyovich, Jess Pauscher, Hillary Kobernick, Cynthia Gallaher, Lynn Hoffman, Ariel Fintushel, Tim Duffy, and Sarah “Sapphene” Soltan.

$3 +$1 for shipping.

Issue 12 – Beginnings – SOLD OUT

Issue_12_CoverTerry Allen, TJ Beitelman, John Hanson, Aurelie Hudelle, Ashley Hutson, A.A. Kostas, Rachna Kulshrestha, Lee Todd Lacks, Doug Mathewson, Navid Saedi, and Russell Thorburn.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 11 – 3rd Annual Flash Contest – SOLD OUT

Bop Dead City Issue 11 Cover

Audrey El-Osta, Jordan Jamison, Robin Reiss, Sally Houtman, Stacy Skolnik, Hannah Frishberg, David Spicer, Alison McBain, and Fikret Pajalic.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 10 – SOLD OUT

issue 10 cover

James Garrett, Michael Gould, E.H. Brogan, S. Babin, Leah Mueller, Ashley Tibbetts and Jackson Sabbagh.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 9

Bop Dead City

Zach VandeZande, Cory Wiemken, Maya Gutierrez, Shanti Weiland, Rachel Nix, Bobby Steve Baker, Jeanann Verlee, and Benjamin DeVos.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 8

Bop Dead City Issue 8 Cover Picture

Sarah-Jean Krahn, Emily Rose Cole, Michelle Watters, Matt Dennison, Art Heifetz, J. Edward Kruft, and Jay Duret.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 7 – SOLD OUT
Bop Dead City Issue 7 Cover

Sarah Ann Winn, Rhiannon Thorne, Marie Nunalee, Nancy Hightower, Ruben Rodriguez, and Tom Weller.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 6


Rachel Nix, Dan Sicoli, Ariana Den Bleyker, Jennifer Jackson Berry, Isaac Black, M.E. Riley, Jennifer Martelli, and M. Robert Fisher.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 5 – SOLD OUT


 Lindsay Doukopoulos, Sarah Kravitz, Jacob Euteneuer, Chiyuma Elliott, Art Heifetz, and Carly Berg.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 4


Sandy Hiortdahl, Kevin Ridgeway, K. Wardman, Karrie Waarala, Mitchell Grabois, Sally Burnette,  Brianne Kohl and Z.Z. Boone.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 3

Bop Dead City 3 Cover

Knar Gavin, Elizabeth Cook, Natalie Byers, Linda M. Crate, Georgia Bellas, Olga Zelenova, and Jim Eigo.

$3 + $1 for shipping.

Issue 2 – SOLD OUT

Bop Dead City 2 Cover

BZ Niditch, Holly Day, Marvin Shackelford, and John Dervishian.

Sold out, sorry.

Issue 1

Sharon Clark, Raymond Cothern, John Grey, Robert Heath, Amber Koneval, David Spicer, Jessica Tyner, Gina Vaynshteyn, and Denise R. Wueve.

$3 + $1 for shipping.


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