Issue 9 Update, Contest Winners, and Other Such Things

First, winners!

Issue 9’s Escape Contest winner for fiction is Zach VandeZande’s “Flood Myth,” and the poetry winner is Shanti Weiland’s “Dormant Trigger.” Congratulations to them, and thanks to everyone for submitting.

Elsewhere in Issue 9, our other piece of fiction comes from Cory Weimken, titled “Tricks on Eleven.

We’ve got a returning author in Rachel Nix, who’s given us her poem “Barefoot.” The companion poem “And Pregnant” was cut for space, unfortunately.

Bobby Steve Baker contributes some of his “Old Love Letters,” while Benjamin DeVos has shared his 50-ish years late spec script for for “The Honeymooners” titled, simply, “Honeymooners” (this is mostly a lie, probably. Poetry’s open to interpretation though, right?).

Rounding out the issue is Jeanann Verlee’s “The Summer of Supplemental Income” and “Impermanence.” I have no terrible joke for these titles. Not because they’re not worth it, just because I’m lazy.

What else, what else? Well, for one, we finally bought the domain, so you can save a few seconds of your life every time you visit now. I’ve also found a way to upgrade the actual magazine’s quality, so we’ll see how that’ll go. I’ll have pictures and such once it’s in my hands. Might need to up the price to a whopping four dollars, but we shall see.

Finally, in addition to our usual contests, we may have a big one coming up. As in I’m considering having it span over two submission periods kind of big. Again, we shall see.

Submissions open in a little more than a week, which is about when issues will be available. See you then, kids.

Almost there…

To those who don’t procrastinate, thanks for your submissions.

To you dirtbags who are procrastinators, you’ve got roughly 26 hours to get your poesy or prosey in.

Hey, speaking of dirtbag procrastinators, I didn’t get any author interviews done this issue. Very sorry to you guys if you wanted to voice your feelings and opinions, my apologies. By all means, get with me if you’d still like to, I’d honestly love to hear it. However, for Issue 9, we’re bringing it back, so you lucky authors better get ready to be harassed.

Finally, in lieu of doing what I was supposed to, I did some long term stuff for the magazine, and we’ll be revealing those details once the submission period has closed. Interesting, big stuff, promise.

tl;dr (but if that was too long for you, please leave my site): you got 24 hours to submit, and we’ve got big news coming out soon.

Issue 9’s Contest Theme: Escape

I drink whiskey to escape. Irish whiskey (Jameson in particular) by preference, which makes me less of a man than a bourbon drinker, but less of a depraved sociopath than a scotch drinker. Nothing serious, and not all the time, but just to temporarily escape daily stresses most of us have: shitty job, the future, etc. 

This magazine itself began as a form of escape three years ago (happy birthday to she). I figured that if I’m not writing, I needed to be doing something relevant to publishing. Why not help other people along the path to publication? I get to read other people’s work, an intimate form of snoopery that I find delightful, and get to share the best of what I find.

And here we are, nine issues and dozens of poems and stories later. It’s proven to be an escape that’s brought me a lot of joy, pride, and entertainment. Certainly, it’s been easier on my liver. So, I think this contest theme will be escape. Any way you want to look at it, literally, loosely, whatever. 

The rules: Everything listed on the submissions page, plus an adherence to the theme of escape. The deadline, just like the regular submission deadline, is October 1. 

The prizes: $20 to the winner for best story, $20 to the best poem., and a copy of the issues to each as well.

Finally, since I’m such a slackass, if you’ve submitted already this period, you can submit something else if  it applies to the theme. 

Good luck everyone, and please keep the submissions a’rollin.


Issue 8 is available for purchase!

This is Issue 8 (click to buy):

Bop Dead City Issue 8 Cover Picture

This is you:



Issue 9’s submission period starts August 1. You want to know how awesome we are? Buy Issue 8.


And now I’ll shut up.

We’ve Got Issue 8 Covered

With a little help from Kathy Rudin ( who submitted art to us, which meant I didn’t have to scour DeviantArt for some for once), we’ve got us a fine cover for our eighth issue.

Bop Dead City Issue 8 Cover Picture

Kathy is an artist from New York City, and the title of the photograph is “Untitled (Mary).”

The issue itself should be forthcoming, maybe as early as Monday. We’ll update when it’s available for purchase.

In the meantime, keep honing your stories and sharpening your poems; Issue 9’s submission period starts in less than two weeks.

The Starting Lineup for Issue 8 is…

First up, the winners of Issue 8’s “First Time” Contest:

For our blue-ribbon poem, we’ve got Sarah-Jean Krahn with “Journal of Dead Bodies and Hidden Treasures.” Very beautiful and moving, and one of the more interesting forms we’ve ever published.

And the winning story is Emily Rose Cole and her micro fiction piece “Mama.” Just a hundred words, but they’re all perfect. She actually submitted a day before we closed up for the period, so this is also vindication for the last-minute folks out there as well.

Filling out our Issue 8 team is:

Michelle Watters – “Eyes like the sky”
Matt Dennison – “Sunshine” (very glad to finally get to publish Matt on his sixth go-around, even though the poem makes me want to cry)
Art Heifetz – “My First Playmate” (long time readers might remember Art from Issue 5, making him our first two-time author)
J. Edward Kruft – “Heck Street”
Jay Duret – “Finny Chinook”

Thanks to all our authors! Later this week we’ll have cover art, and then soon after you’ll be able to purchase a copy of Issue 8 and read all these lovely works of art. Till then, don’t do anything stupid.

Battle “First Time” is OV-AH! … And We’ve Been Critiqued!

Or at least that’s what I think they say on the old Iron Chef. Anyway, thanks to everyone for your submissions; you can stop now, at least for another thirty days. We’ll be updating here regarding Issue 8, including authors, contest winners, cover art, and when you can buy your copy.

In the meantime, Bop Dead City’s last issue was recently reviewed on, a lovely site that offers a virtual newsstand of literary journals like us, reviews, and calls for submissions. Melanie Tague had many nice things to say, mostly about poems and stories themselves, which is the way it should be. Mostly she calls us humble a lot, which is true and a very beautiful way of saying “shoddily produced by an amateur.” Ruben Rodriguez and Nancy Hightower get specific shoutouts for their work. Read all about it here:


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